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We promote societies without gender inequalities in an integrative and inclusive way.
We work with local, national and international institutions, associations, organizations and companies

Programs in operation


Dona Reinvent yourself


Emergency and Emergency Plan of Catalonia for self-employed women, entrepreneurs and business owners with economic activities affected by COVID-19.

100% success achieved

Good practice recognized by the European Parliament.

In operation since 2021 as a country Emergency and Emergency Plan to mitigate the effects of Covid19.


Dona Creix


Intended for women who want to grow professionally.

Personalized mentoring.

Mentor@s: women and men.


Woman Voice

Presence of women in the media. As experts Systematically.

And it offers the possibility of internships and work in the media for students in management positions.
Woman Sport

Women’s Sports Club.

Woman Ingenuity

Intended for schools in agreement with universities.

Woman Step

Intended for university students. Opportunity for real internships (not at university) in areas where they do not occur and actually working. Remuneration (symbolic). Preference girls without being exclusive to boys.

Collaboration agreement with Universities.


Woman Health

Emotional and mental well-being.

Women’s rights

Human rights support service: Ukrainian war, Ageism, Labor reintegration, Sexual exploitation and trafficking.

School of Equity, Diversity and Gender

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If you believe in a society without gender differences, in favor of human rights, and want to participate in one of our programs, contact us. We are at your disposal!


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